Statement: One Year Since Racist Tapes Leaked

One year ago, Angelenos heard the true sentiments of so-called city leaders who would rather serve their own interests than the people they were supposed to represent. Today, AAPI Equity Alliance reaffirms our condemnation of those involved in that racist scandal, and of the broader, systemic racism that city government still perpetuates. Our communities are suffering from the consequences of a corrupt redistricting process – we cannot wait any longer for change.

Since the racist tapes were leaked, AAPI Equity Alliance has worked with Black, Latinx & Indigenous organizations and leaders as members of the Organize Unite Reform (OUR) LA coalition. Our goal is to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable city government by expanding the City Council beyond the 15 members originally established a century ago and establishing an independent redistricting commission to eliminate backroom deals by corrupt politicians. These are essential first, though not last, steps toward creating a Los Angeles that works for all Angelenos, including AAPI and BIPOC, immigrant, and limited English proficient communities.

Join us in the fight for democracy reform and learn more about how you can use your voice to affect change.