Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative

Domestic Violence in Asian American Communities

Domestic violence (DV), also known as intimate partner violence, is experienced by 16-55% of Asian American women in their lifetime. This violence can be physical/sexual, psychological or emotional abuse, financial control and coercion, expose children to family violence, lead to attitudes about violence, and result in stalking, trafficking and homicide. The good news is that this can be prevented. With generous support from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, AAPI Equity Alliance and its partners, have produced the reports and curricula to better address this violence, to help reduce and prevent DV in Asian American communities in Los Angeles County.

Preventing Domestic Violence in Four Asian American Communities with a Gender Equity and Empathy Approach: Utilizing Parent and Youth Support Groups to Transform Family Beliefs and Behaviors (October 2022)

Relationship Violence in Five Los Angeles Asian American Communities: Intergenerational Risk and Strengthening Factors (October 2020)

Project Background 

In 2019, the Blue Shield of California Foundation released a groundbreaking report entitled “The Life Course Framework for Preventing Domestic Violence,” which examined the multiple determinants and risk factors that lead to the occurrence of domestic violence. The Blue Shield of California Foundation chose to further examine the Asian American community through a current grant awarded to AAPI Equity Alliance and its seven collaborative partners.

This pilot project sought to train twenty community facilitators to run culturally tailored multilingual parenting groups and youth groups focused on preventing domestic violence in four Asian American communities: Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and South Asian. The 50-60 group sessions focused on building gender equity and empathy in Asian American parents and youth.

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This report would not be possible without the generous support of the

Blue Shield of California Foundation.