AAPI Resume Bank

We believe in the need for more progressive AAPI representation within government. AAPIs are 12% of LA City and 16% of LA County. Yet we are often absent from or underrepresented in public service. This means that our perspectives, and the needs of our communities, are excluded from important government decisions that impact our lives.

Our intent is to create a pool of talented AAPIs for elected officials in LA looking to hire staff or fill commissions and boards. This is not a substitute for applying for a job.



This resume bank is for anyone who self-identifies as having Asian American or Pacific Islander heritage and progressive politics. 

Please complete the form and upload your resume if you are interested in being considered for a) employment with an elected official representing part/all of LA City or County, or b) appointment to a board or commission in LA City or County.

There is no deadline. However, the earlier you submit your materials, the better!

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After you submit your information, it will be added to a private Google sheet that will serve as the AAPI Resume Bank. Throughout 2023, AAPI Equity will engage city, county, state, and federal elected officials representing some or all of LA. We will urge them to consider a diverse pool of applicants when making hiring or appointment decisions, and we will provide their staff with access to this Google sheet. We will not make the Google sheet generally accessible to the public, but we can’t control who sees it after we share it with elected officials and their staff. At the end of 2023, we will reach out to you about whether you want to continue participating. 

It’s important for you to understand what this is not

  • By sharing your information with us, you are not applying for any particular job. 

  • We are not reviewing your materials or providing feedback. 

  • We are not advocating for you as an individual to be considered for anything.

About Us

AAPI Equity Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of over 40 community-based organizations advocating for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in Los Angeles County and beyond. 

Our policy team consists of two former public servants: Candice Cho, Managing Director of Policy and Counsel, who used to work for the U.S. Senate and the City of New York, and Hoang Nguyen, Director of External Affairs, who used to work for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Needless to say, we are big believers in seeing more AAPIs in public service! 

Questions? Please email Candice at ccho@aapiequity.org and Hoang hnguyen@aapiequity.org. Thank you!