How #StoptheHate Partners Are Changing Lives

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to share that AAPI Equity Alliance was renewed again to serve as the Los Angeles County Regional Lead for the Stop the Hate program funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS)! CDSS’ recommitment to our communities for the next two years will support 42 community partners, 20 of which are AAPI Equity members, to provide direct services to victims of hate and their families, and prevention and intervention services against and in response to hate.

In the first year of funding, our partners were on the ground responding to incidents of hate and providing essential services to build healthy and safe communities. The Korean American Coalition of Los Angeles (KAC-LA) assisted a determined young woman in navigating the reporting process and accessing victim support services on behalf of her immediate monolingual family member. Eunice Song, Executive Director at KAC-LA, recalls that “she expressed gratitude, stating that the culturally sensitive support through KAC-LA not only empowered her to speak out about her experience but also inspired her to become an advocate for reporting hate incidents.” This is just one example of the ongoing, critical and life changing work that our partners are doing to protect our communities through the Stop the Hate program.