Our communities are suffering from preventable tragedies.

This past weekend’s tragedy took the lives of eight individuals— including three members of a Korean American family and an Indian woman— in yet another unspeakable act of violence at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas. AAPI Equity Alliance sends our deepest condolences to the victims, three of which are children, survivors and their families during this incredibly heartbreaking time. 

While details of the situation are not fully known, there is one thing we know to be true: the lack of gun control in our nation continues to bring senseless violence and harm to our communities. From Atlanta to Monterey Park, and now, to Allen— this tragedy is another painful reminder of the dire urgency for gun reform to keep our communities safe.

We call on lawmakers to take swift action to address the epidemic of gun violence, including universal background checks and a ban on assault rifles. With most of the victims being of Asian descent, we call on local law enforcement to expend all resources to determine the true motives of the shooter, who has alleged white supremacist and neo-Nazis ties.

We cannot and will not remain silent while our communities suffer from preventable tragedies caused by hate and gun violence. Everyone deserves to live in a safe and secure community without fearing for their lives. AAPI Equity will continue to stand and fight against unacceptable acts of hate, violence, and injustice.