In the midst of tragedy, action must be taken.

Dear Friends, 

While we are grappling with the tragedy that occurred in Monterey Park, we are hit with another. Seven lives were lost in the Half Moon Bay mass shooting, some of which were Chinese farmworkers, in yet another unspeakable act of violence. The magnified fear that we are all experiencing in this moment is a result of the multiple forms of hate coming from outside, within and among our communities.

This pain and fear is in no way diminished based on the identity of the shooters in Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park because no community is immune to the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. The tragedies in Fort Piece, Monterey Park. Baton Rouge, Half Moon Bay, and Des Moines prove just that. We urge lawmakers to pass the policies necessary to prevent gun violence and put an end to this horrific trauma experienced collectively across the nation.

In the meantime, our most immediate priority is to support the victims, their families and communities through resources from our coalition. A resource directory is now available for those coping with the aftermath of the mass shooting in Monterey Park. There are community, local, state and national government resources included for those affected.