Coalition Of Groups Comes Together To Try To Serve Mental Health Needs Of Monterey Park AAPI Victims

The AAPI Equity Alliance is a trade group of dozens of nonprofits that started coming together Sunday to find mental health resources for the AAPI community. Myron Quon, CEO of Pacific Asian Counseling Services and member for AAPI Equity Alliance said his community needs more mental health resources tailored to their needs.

Quon said there are major gaps when it comes to accessible mental health services for the older AAPI demographic. He says his and other groups are looking at setting up support groups and other resources in the coming days.

Quon was less than two miles away from the shooting when it happened. He says his community is still distraught and it doesn’t make things easier that the victims were in their 50s or older.

“We worry so much about serving our Asian seniors because they don’t speak English well. And even those who speak English well don’t want to go to mainstream services because they don’t understand the culture,” Quon said.

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