Less than two weeks away!

California’s March 5th primary election is less than two weeks away. Have you made a plan to vote yet?

For unregistered voters: Starting today, you can register and vote on the same day. If you haven’t already, register here and make your voice heard!

For in-person voters: Vote centers throughout Los Angeles County are now open for in-person voting. Find your vote centers here and vote at any location – not only the one closest to you! Additional vote centers are set to open on March 2nd to accommodate for any last minute voting. And you may still exercise your right to vote the same day on March 5th.

For mail-in ballots: All registered voters receive a mail-in ballot and you can track it here. No clue what’s on the ballot this primary? Check out a list of voter resources compiled by Center for Asian Americans United for Self-Empowerment (CAUSE) here. Once you’ve filled out your ballot, drop it in the mail or an official ballot drop box. No postage is required.