TIME100: Honoring AAPI Voices

It’s been two weeks since TIME magazine announced its Top 100 most influential people of 2021, which included Stop AAPI Hate co-founders Cynthia Choi, Russell Jeung, and me. We were honored and truly humbled to receive this recognition.

We could not accept this recognition without pause.  We realize that the work for which we were celebrated – the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center – represents the pain and trauma of nearly 10,000 community members who have experienced verbal harassment, discrimination in workplace and retail and in some cases physical assaults.

For the first time in recent history, AAPIs have garnered the national media’s attention and that of our policymakers. Our lives, our identities, what we go through, and what safety means for us are now being considered. This is happening because of the efforts of countless individuals in our communities. It is because women spoke up, elders spoke out, because our community-based organizations have shared the experiences of their clients and constituents.  And the attention and the newfound resources are a result of AAPIs stating boldly that they would not tolerate such hate or racism in any of its forms not just against our community, but against our African American and Latinx sisters and brothers. I want to thank you for that – it is precisely because of your efforts and your advocacy that the press and policymakers have paid attention.

Our platform Stop AAPI Hate was created with the vision that through aggregating the stories of AAPI’s experiencing hate, we would draw deeper attention to the system inequities that have allowed hate and violence to continue against us. This honor is a testament to the fact that our advocacy against Anti-Asian hate is being seen, valued, and validated.

We know this is just the beginning. We take this recognition as an opportunity to continue to advocate for policies that protect us, education that recognizes our histories, and a re-evaluation of systems that have discriminated against us for centuries. We know that this is a shared journey, a path that we take together. We at A3PCON greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in your work, your efforts for our community members, and your support of our collaborative. We could not do this work without each and every one of you.

In gratitude,


Manju Kulkarni
Executive Director