Celebrating the Legacy of Pride!

This Pride Month looks different for AAPI Equity Alliance as we learn from our partners – Los Angeles LGBT CenterLGBTQ Center Long Beach and St. John’s Community Health – under the Stop the Hate program, a groundbreaking initiative to end hate in California. To honor and celebrate the legacy of Pride in the fight against hate, we’re sharing stories of strength from the LGBTQ+ community! 🏳️‍🌈

Los Angeles LGBT Center provides services, from advocacy and legal assistance to educational workshops, to LGBTQ+ survivors under the Stop the Hate program. After his restraining order had been violated multiple times with continuous death threats and attempts to physically harm him, one survivor sought help in his battle for security and safety.
“We connected him to our Survivor Services Program, which provides support for victims of anti-LGBTQ+ hate violence, and relocated him to safety. He received on-going safety planning, legal counsel, advocacy with law enforcement, therapy, crisis case management and more which helped him regain a sense of strength after his traumatic experience,” shared Ash Rojo from the LA LGBT Center.

LGBTQ Center Long Beach (The Center) provides trauma-informed, culturally sensitive assistance to LGBTQ+ victims and survivors of hate crimes and violence. One victim was harassed where they lived based on their race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. After attempting to report the crime to law enforcement, they were met with further doubt and inappropriate questions about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

“They felt empowered after we provided a safety plan and equipped them with the knowledge of their rights and how to navigate future instances of hate. With the tools to navigate legal systems, they felt secure in their journey towards healing, justice and safety,” shared Mieko Failey from The Center.

St. John’s Community Health provides holistic legal services to the LGBTQ+ community under the Stop the Hate program. An undocumented transgender woman was being harassed by her landlord’s relative, constantly misgendered and threatened with violence and deportation.

She sought legal help at St. John’s Community Health and, after filing a cease and desist letter, civil harassment restraining order, admininistrative complaint, police report and a housing complaint, she was finally able to find justice.

“We were able to relocate her to a safe residence and provide mental health support. She said that she finally has “paz” (peace) when she comes home and does not need to look over her shoulder anymore,” shared Andy Ruiz (They/Them) from St. John’s Community Health.