Analysts say hate crimes are increasing but that’s not reflected in FBI data

MANJUSHA KULKARNI: Even in the last few weeks and months, we’ve seen a normalizing of hate.

DIRKS: That’s Manjusha Kulkarni with Stop AAPI Hate.

KULKARNI: Kanye West has freely made antisemitic remarks. Former President Trump continues to use anti-Asian rhetoric.

DIRKS: Kulkarni says the answer isn’t really about police, it’s education, teaching kids about other cultures, about history and racism and bigotry – exactly what’s under attack in many Republican-led states right now.

KULKARNI: It’s precisely because awareness has been raised, and because news outlets are focusing on anti-Asian hate, antisemitic remarks, anti-Black actions, that these forces are there to silence it.

DIRKS: Kulkarni says accurately reporting hate crimes today is just as important as telling the truth about the history of hate.

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