After Shooting, Providing For The Mental Health Needs Of Affected Communities

It’s been a heavy past few days as more and more details are revealed about the Monterey Park shooting. We are starting to learn the names and about the lives of the victims, who were mostly in their 60s and 70s. We know that an 11th victim died in the LAC+USC Medical Center yesterday. And we now have some additional insight into who the shooter was.

In the wake of this incident, my colleague Robert Garrova is following how one coalition is trying to provide mental health resources for elders in the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. The AAPI Equity Alliance group is trying to figure out how they can close the gaps when it comes to services for Asian and Asian American seniors, who may be reluctant or unsure of how to ask for help.

Robert talked to Myron Quon, the CEO of Pacific Asian Counseling Services and board member for AAPI Equity Alliance.

“We worry so much about serving our Asian seniors because they don’t speak English well. And even those who speak English well don’t want to go to mainstream services because they don’t understand the culture,” Quon said.

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