Stop The Hate Grant

AAPI Equity Alliance is the Los Angeles County Regional Lead for the State of California’s Stop the Hate grant. Administered through the California Department of Social Services, this grant funds 80 organizations throughout California to provide direct services, prevention services and intervention services for victims of hate

In Los Angeles County, 24 organizations were awarded a total of $4 million to develop and provide services and programs to combat hate. Although many of these organizations were founded to serve the Asian American community, their focus has also extended to other ethnic and racial groups in their local area.

24 Grantees:

Grant activities may include:

Direct Services

For victims and survivors of hate incidents and their families, direct services such as mental health and complementary health services; wellness and community healing; legal services; navigation, case management, and referral are provided. 

Prevention Services

This includes arts-based and other cultural work that deepens understanding and empathy; youth development; senior safety and ambassador/escort programs; individual and community safety planning; training, including bystander training and other de-escalation techniques. Prevention services work across racial groups and other impacted populations to strengthen alliances and promote understanding.

Intervention Services

This includes outreach and training on the elements of hate incidents and hate crimes, services for survivors, and the rights of survivors; community-centered alternative approaches to repair harm from hate incidents and hate crimes; and coordination and liaising with local government and other institutional partners.